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A blog dedicated to the sugar sweet pairing of CNU/Sandeul from B1A4!

Enjoy your stay on this ship~
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shindeul, first time fucking, ~400 words


Dongwoo kisses him, and for all that he intends it to be slow, Junghwan’s having none of it.

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"because you are precious to me"

Sandeul successfully stealing a bite from CNU’s sandwich.

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CNU’s mating ritual.

jonginsyeoja-deactivated2014062 sent:

Omg this blog is amazing please continue to post more Shindeul. Do you know any other Shindeul blogs as your blog would be the first Shindeul blog I know and its daebak seriously. :'))))))))

thank you! <3

i was looking for others before making this blog in case another fyeah already existed but i couldn’t find any :< if anyone knows of other shindeul-centric blogs do send us a link!

-admin bear (● ̄(エ) ̄●)